Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 27, 2010 - "You stand right there!"

The littlest has developed quite exciting vocal skills and is pretty demanding at times, now that she knows how to make herself heard. Tonight, while trying to get a modeling shot of her big sisters new skirt, she ran into the kitchen, slammed herself against the cabinets and basically said "Caylee! You stand right there!" which really sounded like "Cayay! You and eye hair!" She kept pointing next to her, in front of the cabinets. Her sister ran over and I quickly snapped a shot.

January 26, 2010 - A ruffled skirt

I made this cute ruffly skirt out of a pair of the middle one's jeans. They had a worn out knee but were otherwise great jeans. I thought to make them into a skirt, which she has now dubbed the Lovey Day Skirt. Here it is finished.

January 25, 2010 - Princess Fashion Show

My girls were having a ball playing together. It doesn't happen often and certainly not so organized. Monday they decided to have a princess fashion show. The big girls helped the little one put on a costume so she could play too. I managed to get a couple pictures of them all together, but I had to bribe the littlest with a french fry to get her to sit!

Monday, January 25, 2010

January 24, 2010 - Potty Training

The little one has gone back and forth on potty training for a while. She seemed so ready and then she stopped. The last few days she's been interested again. We found her yelling in her room at 10pm last night, without her diaper. I brought her down, gave her a drink and sat her on the potty seat. She turned her head, looked at me and said "You go potty too?"

Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 16 - January 23 - Catching up

January 16, 2010
The girls wanted to try out the heart shaped ice trays. I thought it'd be fun to make them different colors so we added food coloring to a cup of water and poured it in. I think I am beginning to dislike the gel coloring a lot. It totally separated after freezing, even though we mixed it really well. Oh well. The girls loved it.

January 17, 2010
We had gone to my mother in laws for the day, and I totally forgot my camera :(

January 18, 2010
No school today!! The girls stayed home and we had a lot of quiet activities. The most exciting part for the girls? Making "Toasty Pizza" for lunch. So simple. Bread, spread a little bit of pasta sauce on top, sprinkle with cheese and add your fave toppings (pepperoni for the girls, tomatoes for me). Bake at 350 till it's all melty and crisp. The best part? The "crust" is so much easier to cut than regular pizza dough, you can just use a butter knife.

January 19, 2010
It was another yucky snowy day but we made the best of it. Even in the dreariness the girls had a ton of fun playing in the snow. The all seem to love eating it, no matter how many times I told them not to, I guess it can't be resisted.

January 20, 2010
Look at how I found TJ sleeping. He is sooo weird. I'm posting two pics today because it really needs to be seen from different angles. Everytime I see this, it reminds me of catdog haha

January 21, 2010
Poor little one has hit the terrible twos a few months early. She's so cranky and miserable these days. Some times all she wants is to curl up on the couch under a soft blanket and cry. Like this...

January 22, 2010
I have been really busy with making bows. I had some orders come through the shop for customs and I'm really proud of them. I especially love these ones. They're simple and sweet, in my opinion.

January 23, 2010
Last night I made some pillows for my living room. I'm pretty proud of how they turned out. Of course, it only makes me want to sew more!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 15, 2010 - My boys

In our house of pink, we have two boy kitties. TJ is our white and orange domestic short hair. Leo is the half Maine Coon. They're very lovey. Here's a quick picture of the two of them.

Friday, January 15, 2010

January 14, 2010 - Almost 2

See this little girl? She'll be two on April Fool's Day. How did that happen? How did she grow into such a little person? We tried to take some pictures for her birthday invitations. She was bawling her eyes out before we started and as soon as we set her down, she smiled. Love her.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 13, 2010 - The Ugly Face

This face. I don't know what her deal is, but she always makes this face. Whether she's just being silly, being cranky, or if you ask her to say cheese. She's such a funny kid.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 12, 2010 - Up, up and away!

Yesterday I had the most amazing morning with my littlest one. We don't often have a day where we're not running around crazy-like just the two of us. So instead we got to do fun things. Like horsey rides. Playing with her farm and Little People. But she had the best time getting airplane rides from me. I wish we could have days like this all the time. Here's to hoping!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Playing Catch up January 8 - January 11, 2010

I got busy! These days I've been trying to spend more quality time with the family on the weekends. This weekend was no different.

Friday January 8, 2010
The middle had a friend over after school for two hours. It was her first real play date with her best friend from school at our house. They played dressup and tea party and got to have a snack in her room which was so messy exciting. At the end of the afternoon we got all bundled up to bring her friend home. They're looking forward to many, many more visits. Nothing like a best friend!

Saturday January 9, 2010
We had TWO birthday parties to go to that day. The first was at 1pm and was for the oldest. I didn't know that she was already at the "drop 'em off and come back later" birthday party age! I was a little nervous because she's a shy kid and because well, she's my baby! She did just fine, of course. The next party was at 5:30 for my friend Danielle's son Levi. He was in the oldest's class in preschool so we've known them for a while. She's such a sweetheart, she managed to get the local Children's Museum to open up after hours for the party (after a snow "storm" scheduling rearrangement"). The kids had fun but they were so tired as it went past their bedtime. For the birthday kiddos, we made card using cardstock, chipboard letters, brads and more to embellish them. It was a fun little project and I think the end result came out fantastic, although I wish I had had a Happy Birthday stamp or rub-on instead of handwriting it.

Sunday January 10, 2010
I DID take a picture on Sunday. It was a hectic day, what with the playoffs (next year, Patriots! Next year!) and then trying to clean up from the weekend. Unfortunately I took it on my cell phone and have yet to figure out how to get them off there and onto here. It's a picture of my girls sitting at breakfast, ready to go to the game. The baby even has her game jersey on. As soon as I figure it out, I'll upload it and post it here.!

Monday January 11, 2010
Today is an easy day. My oldest is at school, the middle has a day off and the baby is being a very good girl haha. It's so nice to see the two little ones playing well together, because most of the time the baby can't stand her sister. No idea why, must be sibling rivalry. Right now they're upstairs playing tea party and making a mess, listening to Taylor Swift. But earlier, they sat down and used watercolors together. This was the littlest ones first time really using a paintbrush and coloring, I had some good light coming in from the windows, and decided this perfectly represents our day, even if it's only a few hours into it. (Check out that tongue! So funny, she does that whenever she's being creative!)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 7, 2010 - A pretty little dress....

I've been working on this dress the last couple days. In August/September, I cut out most of the pieces, and then gave up because I had so much more to do for Brianna's birthday party. It got set aside until I found it this past week.

It's just about finished here. I just need to add a zipper tomorrow. The one I have is too short, I need a longer one. I'm so proud of myself, I can't believe I've made a piece of clothing from a pattern. I can't wait to get started on my next one.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6, 2010 - Every little girl needs a fancy day

Usually when the girls play dress up, the littlest one is left out. For the longest time she didn't understand why the kids were constantly changing outfits and talking in funny voices (my oldest does a dead on impersonation of Mae West, no idea why, but she does)! But today, they helped her get into the game and I found them in the kitchen all dolled up, and she was totally playing along too. Here's to my baby growing up to be a big girl *tear*

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5, 2010 - Brightening my day

Today was one of those that you just wish you could either push "back" and start over, or click "fast forward" and hope for the best. I haven't been sleeping well, not really sure why, but it's really getting to me. I'm cranky and miserable to be around because of it. My girls were really pushing my buttons, not on purpose of course, but enough that I kept having to leave the room to cool my jets. My oldest broke one of my favorite partylite candle holders. The middle one nearly cut herself on said candle holder. And the two of them decided it'd be fun to interrupt my attempts to get the littlest to take a nap. ("But she wasn't sleeping! She wanted to get down!") *sigh* Suffice it to say it was a long and difficult day.

Then I realized amidst all the chaos, I hadn't taken a single picture today. One, my battery is dying and I keep forgetting to charge it. And two, there wasn't anything I was happy with, although that really doesn't matter huh? It's about life.

Anyway. So after I made myself dinner and was confident Hubby had the kids under control, I escaped to my craft space and took a deep breath. Much better. And I took this quick picture of a little something I set up today. Before I had a white tree candle, the glass holders, and that was it. (You can see and read all about it in this post here on my other blog).

I picked the pink mini topiary up at The Christmas Tree Shops for $1.99. If you don't have a CTS near you, I'm so sorry! They have awesome deals on just about anything you need. When I spotted it in the Valentine's section, I knew exactly where it was going. Now I want to go back and get the white and light pink ones too. Maybe tomorrow... The frame I whipped together the other night - just a piece of scrapbook paper, fake flowers and a little birdie I made with cardboard and paper. It's all temporary, so I can change it out whenever I want.

What do you think? What would you add to it?

Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4, 2010 - It Wasn't Me, Honest!

Today for an afterschool snack, I let my middle child pick whatever she wanted. She chose a chocolate pudding. Then she noticed her big sister picked a golden chocolate oreo so she snagged one of those instead. Leaving her chocolate pudding on the table. I didn't think anything of it....big mistake on my part.

This is how I found the youngest. Really, Lillian?! You had to do that to my favorite Hanna white sweater, huh? Let's hope it comes out. The sweater, top and jeans are currently soaking in cold water. The little one got a scrubbing in the tub herself.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3, 2010 - The Big Girls

My oldest two are home again from their sleepovers and so ready for back to school. In an effort to get back to routine, I fed them dinner a bit earlier than normal then let them play a while in the bath. Finally we did a bit of hair braiding and dressed in warm flannel jammies. Here they are ready for bed, their last night of holiday vacation.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 2, 2010 - Sleepy Little One

My youngest is home without her sisters tonight. My older two are sleeping elsewhere and this one is so lonely. She took a very long nap late this afternoon and we were so sure she'd be up all night. Instead she started acting sleepy shortly after dinner so the Hubby got her ready and tucked her into bed. Of course she cannot stay put. She has to get up at least a couple times. She was sitting in the stairwell jabbering and fussing when suddenly it got quiet. Hubby got up to check on her and said "You have to see this!" I'm glad I grabbed the camera because this is what I found.

She was nearly asleep, and only lifted her head the very second the flash went off.

She is now sound asleep in her bed...sweet dreams!

Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1, 2010 - Hello 2010!!

You know what happens when the clock strikes midnight and the new year begins? No, not the glass slipper/carriage into pumpkin problem. What happens is people make resolutions. They set goals. A couple weeks ago my friend Amanda asked if anyone wanted to join her in Project365. You can learn more about Project 365 here. But basically I'm challenging myself to take at least one photo, every day, for a year. Then I will post these photos here.'s mine for January 1, 2010. My littlest sister Debbie was born on this date 20 years ago. Amazing. She used to be so little, so sweet, now she's all grown up and doing her own thing. (She's on the right, grey sweatshirt)

Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday Debbie!